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Ship's Store

WSMS annual swap meet 2021

Every year the Society holds a swap meet.  This year, it may actually be open to the public! Watch this space for details.

How to order WSMS apparel

To browse and make a purchase, please go to You will have to create your own login to proceed.  If you have a current Lands End account, you will have to create a new one for the WSMS store. You’re free to make your own selection as to product and color. 


Some items (such as promotional products) may not be available because of minimum order requirements. In addition to the basic cost of your shirt (or whatever), there is a $8.95 application (sewing/embroidering) fee per item.  You’re responsible for shipping, handling, and taxes. You should be able to modify thread colors depending upon the color of the shirt you wish to purchase.  Our approved logo is 3 inches in diameter.  We may add additional logos later.

Do you have unbuilt model kits, works in progress, even completed models--or books, tools, materials or other items that you no longer have room for? Or maybe you're looking for something that you just haven't been able to find. List them here--maybe someone will want what you've got, or have what you need!

Flotsam and jetsam (items available)

DSCN0951 cropped.jpg

SS United States needs a new home.

Are you a major port city with a 1,000 foot long berth looking for a unique waterfront attraction?  How about adopting the fastest ship ever to cross the Atlantic?  Contact the SS United States Conservancy.

DSCN1398 cropped.jpg

Irwin 25 sailboat needs a new home.

Start or add to your own navy with this vintage 1975 sloop! All it needs is a new set of sails and to get the outboard motor running.  Contact Alan Stover.

Captain Ahab's quest (items sought)

Dinky 51G MV Brittanic.jpg

1:1200 die cast ships

Looking for Meccano Dinky #51G MV Brittanic; also 1960's Tri-ang Minic and Hornby ships to add to my collection.  Thanks, but no warships sought.  Contact Alan Stover.

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