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The society draws its membership from all walks of life and many different occupations. The modelers' skills range from absolute beginners to professionals who have constructed models for maritime exhibits in the Smithsonian Institution and other museums throughout the United States and Europe.

Over the years, members have written numerous articles for nautical research and ship model publications. Society membership has included such notables as President Franklin D. Roosevelt (whose favorite model was  of the USS Constitution), then Major (and later General) George Patton (an avid sailor who commissioned his own schooner--which can still be booked), Smithsonian maritime history curator Howard I. Chappelle, and Smithsonian Air and Space Museum curator (and avid model maker) Paul E. Garber.

The interests of the modelers are as varied as their occupations, ranging from 17th century sailing vessels to radio-controlled models of modern powered craft. All types of ship models have been constructed, in static display and operating versions, and in wood, brass, plastic, and card media.

Adult modelers interested in becoming members are required to attend three meetings before formally joining. Contact our skipper and join us at our next meeting!  The annual dues are $20 or less depending on the needs of the club. Members who prepaid a higher amount than the dues for a given year have their payments prorated to match current levels by giving them credit as paid for the applicable future years.

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