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Featured currently is a model of a 17th century Danish ship of the line, the Fredericus Quatrous.  The original model construction date is unknown, but it is easily 100 years old.  It was restored at least once in Copenhagen in 1949 by D.A. Jensen, who left his signature on the spar deck.

The hull is solid pine and weighs over 20 pounds.  All blocks and tackle are hand carved, as is the decorative stern transom.  Three canvas sails survive; the forecourse (the lower yardarm on the forward mast) has detailed sail handling rigging (leechlines and buntlines) installed.

WSMS member Larry Smith has
now completed the task of repairing mouse-inflicted damage, a broken bowsprit, and a general restoration of this model after many years of neglect in storage.

Fredericus 3.jpg
Fredericus maintop.jpg
Fredericus 2 cropped.jpg
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